What is my city?

What is my address works by using the GPS from your device and looking up online what the address at that location is. Your location could not be determined, or you did not accept the request to use your location, so you are seeing this message instead.


Margarita and I showed up and approached the receptionist.

“Name?” she said.

”Vanilla Frappucino” I said.

”Phone number?” she said.

”215-844-1933″ I said. (This isn’t my real number, but I thought it important to include actual realistic phone number digits to paint a vivid picture of this life event).

”Address?” she said.

”What is my address?” I thought to myself.

”ADDRESS?” said the receptionist, agitated.

”I…I don’t remember…” The receptionist seemed pissed, but then cooled down.

“Look, I’m just trying to do my job. When you get home, go to whatismyaddress.org and text me what it tells you. I stared in her eyes and she blushed a bit. She was not unattractive, and my mind flashed with images of having sexual intercourse with her.

We were seated in Dr. Frasier Crane’s Office. We explained why we needed therapy, how I had killed her parents, and how we needed to save our marriage.

– Francis, Carson City